As we seek to emulate the life of Jesus, we are called not only to meet the emergent needs of those in crisis but also to address systemic oppression and marginalization in our world. We build the "kin-dom" of God by working to create a better world for all of God's children. We do this, not alone, but in partnership with other faith and civic communities to strengthen the scope and impact of our calling.

  • Together colorado

    Together Colorado organizes faith communities to place human dignity and care for creation at the center of public life. Kirk members serve on working groups seeking to organize faith communities and leaders in around issues of Affordable Housing, Criminal Justice Reform, Climate Justice, Immigration and Health Care.

  • creation justice

    The Kirk holds the designation of Creation Justice Congregation from the United Church of Christ national office. We seek justice for our earth and all its inhabitants through education, intention, decision making and advocacy.

  • Interfaith alliance of colorado

    The Interfatih Alliance advocates for equal rights and opportunity; racial and economic justice, and more. As a partner with the Interfaith Alliance members were trained to speak before state representatives on issues of justice and we hosted and serve on leadership with the Interfaith Camp of Metro Denver. 

  • colorado faith communities united to end gun violence

    We are a member congregation with CFCU whose mission is to help end the deaths and injuries in Colorado caused by the use of firearms.

  • healthcare for all Colorado

    When the Syrophonecian woman asked Jesus to heal her daughter, at first he responded that there was not enough, but after her challenge, he opened himself up to the limitlessness of health when we care for all (Matthew 15). HCAC shares our facility for advocacy planning and education.