get involved

Are you looking for community? You will find it here. Whether you find it through book discussion, singing, in thoughtful discussion over a casual drink, studying scripture or more, there is a small group for everyone.

  • Theology on tap

    On June 13 at 4 p.m. we will gather on in the playground at the Kirk for Theology on Tap. Paul Kreischer will guide our conversation. Please remember to wear a mask and bring a lawn chair and a beverage to enjoy.

  • Anti-Racism Team

    Please join the Anti-Racism Team on Monday, June 21 at 7pm on Zoom as we engage with Stacey Brandon, recent Director of the Cherry Creek School District Department of Inclusion.  Stacey will educate us about the approach of addressing the Opportunity Gap versus the Achievement Gap, how curriculum is addressed from a school district perspective and efforts to end the school to prison pipeline.

  • conversations with scripture

    What questions do you ask scripture? What questions does scripture ask you? Every Tuesday at 2 p.m. on Zoom we engage with Scripture in this kind of dialogue. We are currently reading the Gospel of John. All are welcome to the conversation!

    *Tim Ward will be leading this discussion during Sabbatical on Zoom. To connect to this program, please contact the church office or call 303-777-0343.

    June 1: John 16

    June 8: John 17

    June 15: John 18

    June 22: John 19:1-24

    June 29: John 19:25-42

  • choir

    Our choir will sing a piece of classical music written hundreds of years ago one week, a protest song from the 60's the next, and a song from a recent musical the week after that. Our choir gathers Wednesdays at 7 p.m. via Zoom. All are welcome to participate no matter your music knowledge or experience. 

  • green justice team

    For 10 years the Kirk has been living our faith through caring for our shared earth, installing solar panels in 2007, making building decisions based on their environmental impact and educating ourselves on earth stewardship. From brick and mortar decisions to educational classes on composting, and this year's effort to be attentive to our water use while providing water filtration systems to our partner community in Fondwa, Haiti, this team guides our church to honor God's creation as an act of love.

    Ice Cream Social:

    The Green Justice Team is hosting an Ice Cream Social at the Kirk on June 27 at 2:00.

    We’ll gather outside and enjoy delicious “low carbon” ice cream and toppings! In

    addition, Jackie will show her new electric car and describe its features and benefits.

    We invite everyone, if you can, to arrive at the gathering using alternative forms of

    transportation with low carbon emissions. This may include walking, biking, taking

    public transportation or carpooling. We look forward to enjoying a fun summer

    afternoon together!

    A Year of Resolutions:

    The Green Justice Team is challenging everyone at the Kirk to respond to the climate

    crisis by making personal commitments to reduce your carbon emissions. When you

    resolve to take a particular action, please let us know by clicking HERE. Your commitment can be big or small, every effort counts! We suggest you start by making a commitment to calculate your current emissions using the EPA Carbon Footprint Calculator HERE.

    This will help you know how much carbon you produce with your present lifestyle

    choices and what changes you might be able to make to reduce your emissions. The

    Green Justice Team will also be offering suggestions for shrinking your carbon footprint

    throughout the year. Check out Paul Kriescher’s “12 Simple Steps to Mitigate Climate

    Change.” A 40-second video describing Step 1 can be viewed HERE. Two people have already made commitments! Let us know when we can add your name!