get involved

Are you looking for community? You will find it here. Whether you find it through book discussion, singing, in thoughtful discussion over a casual drink, studying scripture or more, there is a small group for everyone.

  • Theology on tap

    Every Sunday we gather for worship and follow a similar order and some of the same structures, songs and words are repeated. This is called our liturgy. At Theology on Tap in September we will be talking about the liturgy (literally the "public working" of our faith and the ways it can impact or carry through our daily lives. What would a lived liturgy look like? Is this something we aim for or is there something holy (set apart) for our gathering on Sunday mornings?

    Theology on Tap will be September 8 from 4-6 p.m. at Brightmarten located at 730 South University. Childcare available at the Kirk.

  • kirk book group

    Our book group will meet on Sunday, August 25 at 6:30 p.m. to select our next book. If you have a book that you are interested in reading in community, then join us as we prepare to embark on our new year of reading and reflecting together.

  • conversations with scripture

    As we read the Bible, and seek to understand the stories that lie therein, we too bring our own questions, perspectives and experiences. It is best when we read together so we share in a wider conversation with the text. We gather every Tuesday from 2-3 in the Music Room to engage the text, go deeper in our thinking and to learn from the Bible and from one another. All are welcome!

  • faithful adulting

    Adulting is not easy. Adulting while striving to live your faith can be a challenge. This group of 20-40 somethings gathers monthly for a meal, a conversation, or to celebrate life events. Because we believe adulting is better in community.

  • choir

    Our choir will sing a piece of classical music written hundreds of years ago one week, a protest song from the 60's the next, and a song from a recent musical the week after that. Our choir gathers Thursdays at 7 p.m. to rehearse and shares their gift of music with the church from September-May. All are welcome to participate no matter your music knowledge or experience.

  • green justice team

    For 10 years the Kirk has been living our faith through caring for our shared earth, installing solar panels in 2007, making building decisions based on their enviromental impact. From brick and mortar decisions to educational classes on composting, and this year's effort for every member to plant a tree or 20, this team guides our church to honor God's creation as an act of love.