Church Survey

Dear Kirk Members and Firends:
"I'm spiritual but not religious". How many times have you heard people say that? We live in a world where people are craving a spiritual home or practice but they don't think a church is the answer. Starting in 2018, the Kirk of Bonnie Brae will become more intentional about growth. Not just in the pews on Sundays, but because we believe that this church is special. We want to provide a spiritual home for those who are seeking it. We want to share our ministry of God's abundant love. We want to be the little church with the big voice that speaks for those in need.
The purpose of this survey is to understand what it is that you love about the Kirk and this community because there is a strong likelihood that other people will love those things, too. Understanding what drew us all here and what keeps us coming back will help us develop promotional messaging to spread the good news about the Kirk. We also welcome your constructive feedback on how we can improve our worship and other programs. Your input is so important to keeping our chruch vital!
This survey has about 30 questions and some are open-ended. PLEASE NOTE: The boxes for the open-ended questions are small, but there is no word count limit. If you are disrupted and cannot finish the survey in one sitting, you can return to where you left off by re-clicking the link below, however, once you click DONE, you cannot go back to the survey.
We're not limiting this survey to one per household so everyone can have a voice; all of your opnions matter! There was a link sent out in an email, as well as the link below. Paper copies can also be made available through the Kirk Office. Please call to request a paper copy. This survey does not ask you to identify yourself and all your responses will be kept confidential. 
Thank you in advance for your thoughtful and prayerful responses.
To complete the survey, please click herePlease try to complete the survey by January 28th.